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  • We want your current, trendy teen and young adult casual clothes and accessories! Bring in brands like american eagle, pink and topshop. We can only consider items that have been in the mall this last year, maybe year and a half. You don't want to wear clothes from when Britney was Toxic, right? Well our super trendy shoppers don't either!
  • Keep in mind that we sell at about 60-70% off original retail prices and we will offer you about 1/3 of that. Yep, we want to make a little cash too. If you don't like the offer, you can keep your items. If it all sounds good to you, then we will pay you cash on the spot!
  • We buy items based on condition, style, inventory levels, age of garment and what sells well in our store. We wish we could buy everything but some clothes don’t get as much love from our shopping customers so we want to buy what our customers really love to keep them coming back! We do what we can to keep our concept a win-win for all parties involved.
  • Our software prices items based on; brand, item, details, condition, age of item, season and finally our demand. It proposes an amount that will benefit the customer selling to us, by giving as much compensation as possible, while maintaining a price point that allows other customers to get the financial break they need to shop resale.