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What Can Customers Sell & The Condition It Must Be In To Purchase

  • New/Unused makeup, skincare, lotion, candles, mists, brushes and perfume 
  • New or gently used hair tools.  We must plug in to be sure they heat up, light comes on, etc.
  • Items must be authentic and in sellable condition.
    • Non-Expired (must be within at least 3 months from printed expiration date if applicable)
    • Exterior container in sellable condition (ie. legible brand and color name, not too worn/damaged, fully functional hinges/closures, no major scratches, cracks or dents)
    • We do not accept false lashes unless in sealed unopened package, makeup bags or items with reusable applicators (ie. lipgloss, liquid lipstick, mascara, liquid eyeliner pens, etc.)
    • No damages to the packaging and no contaminants like pet hair or mold
    • Brushes must be new
    • If item can't be authenticated it won't be purchased.  If the item doesn’t look like it came from the original store, then we pass.

What we consider when buying items 

    • Our Sell Team considers several factors when pricing offers. These include, but are not limited to, brand, retail price, condition, level of use and current market demand. To make sure you get the highest possible offer, check out What Can I Sell?  We are not going to start out pricing very high.  This is a new area for us. If it goes well, we will reevaluate but for now we are proceeding with caution.
    • Current Inventory
    • Our goal is to purchase the items and brands our target audience will be interested in purchasing.  For example - that means wrinkle cream, firming cream and the like is not something we will be buying.